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KOP 12/40

kop_12-40_01 kop_12-40_02 kop_12-40_03

Railway carrier KOP 12/40 is designed for transportation of road vehicles and machinery to inaccessible areas of the railway track, to carry out construction, repairs and maintenance of railway tracks and bridges (for example, transporting of concrete by means of road concrete mixer, transportation of materials on lorries, as well as displacement of ground machinery to the working place, etc.).

Carried machinery can be loaded (unloaded) on a railway crossing or a suitable section of the railway track. KOP 12/40 can be hauled by a Road-Rail vehicle or locomotive by means of supplied tow bars. Railway carrier can be quickly unfolded into 3 parts and loaded on the vehicle (trailer, semi-trailer) or on a railway wagon in a stacking manner (individual parts can be stacked one above the other).

Railway carrier KOP 12/40 consists of three dismountable parts and has eight wheels. The individual parts are mounted by means of ball pins. Carrier is equipped with service brake with its separate air tank and with train and truck air sockets on both ends. Raising (lowering) of the access trigs is controlled hydraulically (hand-operated hydraulic pump is located on each carrier end).

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