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Renault MIDLUM - NP Renault MIDLUM - NP Renault MIDLUM - NP

Renault Midlum – NP is a special road vehicle equipped with an insulated elevating platform (for use under live OLE) and a tools space below. The vehicle is designed for maintenance operations, transport of material, repairs of tramway or trolleybus catenary lines under live OLE, in compliance with all safety requirements. The vehicle can be used for all repair operations with the platform in raised position (lights repairs, maintenance and surface treatment of steel frames, etc.).

The scissor-type elevating platform enables full unlimited rotation around its axis. Side reach, size and loading capacity of the platform meet all requirements for OLE maintenance. Cases for material and tools are installed in the platform bottom. The whole platform is equipped with lights for nightwork. The platform is controlled by means of remote radio control; emergency cable control can be used in case of failure.

The vehicle can optionally be equipped with CCTV cam system, electrodrive supplied from auxiliary batteries for operations when the engine is stopped, searchlights controlled from the driver’s cab, etc.

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